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 white wines


 Sauvignon Blanc – Peregrino (1)                                £18.65

 Curico Valley, Chile                                                    125ml    £3.70

 Classic Chilean Sauvignon Blanc. Great                           175ml    £4.80

 Zingy acidity and packed full of citrus fruits                   250ml   £6.30

 and ripe apple flavours. Finishing dry and clean.


Pinot Grigio – Casa Defra (1)                                         £21.95

 Veneto, Italy                                                                     125ml    £4.10

 Crisp, bright and approachable. A perfect                        175ml    £5.55

 example of how Pinot Grigio should taste.                       250ml   £7.35

 The zest in this wine gives a great cleansing


Chardonnay – Kleindal (2)                                        £18.90

 Robertson, South Africa                                     

 Clean and fresh in style with crisp citrus                          

 undertones and a light biscuity touch;                             

 medium bodied with a long, round and

 satisfying finish.


Picpoul de Pinet (1)                                                     £25.50

 Domaine de Montredon                   

 Pinet, France                                

 Beautiful floral display on the nose with great

 balance in the mouth and a beautiful acidity.

 A stunning finish that leaves you wanting more!

 This wine is absolutely delicious with seafood.  

 Sharpham Dart Valley Reserve (2)                     £27.75

 Devon - England                          

This off-dry and popular award winning wine has a light,

fresh character achieved by carefully blending the

different grape varieties and partially ageing in American oak. Lovely fruit aromas with supple delicate flavours and a just off-dry style, result in a wine ideal for drinking alone or with food.                 

 Reserve Personnelle  (1)                                                 £29.95

 Macon - Charnay 2016, France

Charnay is renowned as one of the smallest (therefore

most expensive) and best of the Macon Villages.

Lovely peachy aromas on the nose, leading to a full and 

ripe citrusy white wine. Long and lingering finish with

gentle acidity makes this wine a perfect match with fish.





 red wines


 Shiraz – Euca Hill (C)                                                        £18.65

 South Eastern, Australia                                       125ml    £3.70

 Excellent Shiraz with lovely and rounded                         175ml   £4.80

 palate and soft tannins providing a                                  250ml   £6.35

 lingering fruit-driven finish.


 Montepulciano d’Abruzzo - Ancora (C)               £19.25

 Abruzzo, Italy                                                                 125ml    £3.95

 A robust red with warmth, spice and aromas                 175ml    £5.00

 of damson and dried fruits. The palate                             250ml   £6.45

 displays light redcurrant flavours, smoky notes

 and red cherry fruit on the finish.


 Merlot – Bellefontaine (D)                                       £21.50

 Pays d’Oc, France                                                        

 Rich, vibrant and aromatic on the nose                            

leading to soft plummy flavours on the                           

 palate. The finish is full of jammy sweet

 fruit and a firm tannic bite giving it great

 structure and length.




 red wines cont'd


 Santa Rosa Estate Malbec   (C)                                       £24.50    Mendoza, Argentina           

Vibrant and fruity, rich and full bodied. Cherry

Bramble and blackberry notes on the nose are echoed

on the palate.

Carménére Cabernet Grand Reserve,  (C)               £27.45

Darwin Vineyards 'Irene Morales'                                           

A beautifully balanced blend of rich Carménére and

intense Cabernet creates a a wine with great

complexity. With raspberry, blueberry, dark

chocolate, menthol and a hint of smoke on the finish.

Sherwood Estate ‘Signature Series’                           £30.85

Pinot Noir (C)

Waipara, New Zealand

Rich plum and earthy tones with a hint of toasty oak

on the nose. The palate has a lovely sweet entry,

which builds in the mouth, supported by ripe and silky

fruit and oak tannins.



 rosé wines


Out of America Zinfandel Rosé (2)                              £19.95

 California, USA                                                            125ml   £4.00

A dry, fresh and fruity rosé with delicate                                 175ml   £5.35  

aromas of red berries. Soft and creamy                                   250ml  £6.75




Pinot Grigio Rosé – La Voluta (1)                              £21.95

Veneto, Italy

A dry, fresh and fruity rosé with delicate                                

aromas of red berries. Soft and creamy                            






 sparkling & champagne


 Prosecco – One4One (2)                                     200ml    £7.75   Veneto, Italy                       

 Fresh & light with clean citrus fruit and a delicate



 Prosecco – Nua (1)                                                                     £24.85

 Veneto, Italy                       

 A deliciously light and fruity Prosecco with hints

 of apple and peach.


 Mumm ‘Cordon Rouge’ NV (1)                                      £55.00

 Champagne, France

 Rich, fleshy fruits in the mouth with toasted nuts

 and subtle yeasty overtones but a crisper style of




Tasting Guide




White & Rosé wines are graded from:

1: Dry to 5: Sweet


Red wines are graded from:

A: Soft & Fruity to D: Robust & Full Bodied


All our wines are selected and supplied by

Regency wines of Exeter



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